Seeking The Truth
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  • Seeking The Truth
  • Seeking The Truth

Seeking The Truth

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About This Artwork

Beach Access, Sarasota Bay, Florida (USA)

When you walk towards the truth, the journey seems endless. The variables are presented step by step like the wooden planks of a pier towards the sea. Try to put them in order one after the other making sure that they are in the right place. And when you get to the end you risk finding out that the journey is still long. Or that you have taken the wrong direction. Are you going towards the sea or inland? Trust is a great thing!

About The Medium

Fabio’s art, a mix between new pop art and fine art photography, is the result of his continuous quest to find those supernatural colors that he perceives when looking at the world. A mix of dancing creatures of light in red, green, and blue; magnificent colors always changing, always moving and sparkling as if they had a life of their own. To capture them, Dal Boni uses a new art medium that mixes photography, drawing and paint, and experiments with different old-school and digital instruments.

His hyperrealism, realized on aluminum, takes on a magical luminescence and an incredible 3-D effect with stunning details. 

An aluminum rail rectangle on the back makes hanging the artwork easy and safe. 

Shipping Information

For international shipping please contact the Artist.

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